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About Us

Meet Jack Hinson

Jack has a valuable background as a sales coach that is rare in its breadth, providing the ability to easily understand customer needs from multiple perspectives, as well as the ability to envision, create, and execute ‘’big-picture’’ solutions to a variety of business challenges.

Jack started his career with Dell, training, coaching, and managing a 200-seat inbound call center for Dell while living in Manila Philippines for several years, he then transitioned into the Medicare world of helping Seniors and never looked back.

Jack is the creator and Managing Partner of “Leads Station LLC” and President of “Your Senior Group LLC”. As a professional Medicare and Senior Market agent himself for many years he lived it and knows “trial by fire”  how difficult and nearly impossible it is to get leads and agent real-time help and support, Jack got tired of chasing and complaining over the lack and or low quality of good leads compounded by producing insurance agents consistent lack of support from their FMO (especially in the Nashville Market) also hearing friends and workmates leaving the business over compliance fears and again lack of training and support. Out of this need and the constant frustration he created the Leads Station LLC to complement his Medicare and Final Expense Agent Broker agency where you truly are “Your Senior Group”.

The Leads Station provides Marketing Services for the Health and Life insurance Industry, we specialize in warm real-time client lead transfers to you the waiting agent, with no callbacks and no waiting for that client to not answer the phone. We deliver the client to you within 10 seconds of your phone ringing. Most importantly we are not here to make money on leads so we insist on a variety of different lead products and have negotiated discount partnerships with several other very reputable companies that provide us with Instant client call-ins, the client sees our ad then they call you the agent for help with Medicare and Final Expense with respect to the ad they just viewed averaging a 40% close ratio. We also have some of the best price discounts for mailing packages (yes you will be surprised) Jack has your turn-key system for your senior-focused market. We have created this tandem system to support our Agent Flagship You and Your Senior Group.

Jack collaborates well with partners to develop and execute go-to-market strategies; forge overall partner relationships, including strategic planning, revenue growth targets, and all operations necessary to maintain profitable partnerships. Jack has a keen understanding of dynamic structures in the sales and sales coaching environment, blend with exceptional communication, sales coaching, and interpersonal skills to facilitate strong relationships and engender a leadership environment that is conducive to motivation, target achievement and professional excellence.

Jack’s specialties include: Sales Management, Business Growth & Development, Revenue Generation, Project Management, Report Preparation, Human Resources, CRM management, Recruiting, Sales Coach, Lead Generation, Senior Products, and Product Delivery